Thursday, February 18, 2010


I wore this to a benefit pancake breakfast last weekend:

Pancake breakfast

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Pants: Tripp twill skinny pants via Buffalo Exchange
Sweater: Target
Shoes: Simple eco-sneaks

I rarely post pictures of myself in sneakers, but let's face it: I wear them a lot more than I used to. These eco-friendly cousins of the ubiquitous Converse version are my usual pair, but I also love my weird suede and canvas beige New Balance sneakers.

While I was out wearing this, I was approached by someone who recognized me from my outfit posts on the Fatshionista! Livejournal community. This is the second time that has happened to me, and both times it was within blocks of my house. Flattering or creepy? Both? I am not gonna lie, I was totally flattered. It made me want to make good on a suggestion an online friend made that I get my husband a tshirt that says, "My Wife is a Fashion Icon" (context: we were discussing seeing Iman in a Bowie shirt on Project Runway Canada). Not sure he'd wear it, though.


  1. Love the stripes! Where do you get Dorothy Perkins in the US?

    What was the pancake breakfast for? Cracks me up, because though I'm sure they're everywhere, it brings memories of the midwest streaming back to me :)

  2. Hey Lady--loving all the comments! I feel almost bad telling you this, because it's so dangerous, but YOU CAN ORDER DOROTHY PERKINS ONLINE. And shipping isn't even that bad, believe it or not.

    This was a radical pancake breakfast, in true Minneapolis style. It was to benefit the Women's Prison Book Project, a group the sends books to female prisoners nationwide. It's great because it's based on inmates' requests, not just random crap that someone thinks they should be reading. They also had a table where you could make valentine's cards for political prisoner. Miss V loved that part. :)