Friday, February 12, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe on Craig Ferguson

Apropos of nothing, but I adore her, and I adore Scottish accents, and she really has the best interview repartee I have ever seen from a young actress. Enjoy!


  1. Ha! Funyons. She is freaking hilarious. New (imaginary) best friend. Maybe I will actually have to see the Precious movie now. So afraid. Black pathology fest anyone?

    Totally charmed by her in person, though. And have a particular fondness for black Valley girls :)

  2. Right? She's so fun. She made a great joke about Mike Tyson on the View (no, of course I don't watch every clip of her! Why do you ask?). Something along the lines of, "anyone who tattoos his face has decided he's gone as far as he wants to go in society, and maybe even is taking a couple of steps back." No doubt, Gabby.
    Rudy and I saw Precious together in Austin. It's heartbreaking, but it's more artful than people ever say in the reviews. They make it seem like straight-up social realism (which works for me just fine), but there's some quirky stuff that takes you out of that occasionally. And OMG, Mo'Nique! She is phenomenal.