Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gotta have faith

...Faith 21, that is. I finally girded my loins for the flourescent lighting, insanely lout music, and teeming masses of women a decade or two younger than me and took myself to the Faith 21 section of Forever 21 at the Mall of America. It was hard, but I was glad I did, because I got this brightly striped dress that I am loving like mad.

Outfit of the thrift shopping+Cafe studying

I wore it with a boatneck tee from American Apparel underneath because it's too cold to really be wearing a paper thin cheapy dress here. Also featured are my oxford shoes that I bought off ebay that were described as "Vintage 90s". Oh dear me, I am ancient.

I also went to Old Navy because I had a $25 gift card, thanks to diligent ad clicking on They let you earn points for visiting sites, and more points if you buy something. I mostly just buy stuff I was going to get anyway (like diapers!) and let the points accrue. I was able to pick up this dress for $15/free, and a couple of other things, too! I highly recommend this dress (here), with the caveat that it seems to run a size or two bigger than stated. I was swimming in the XXL, and not in a biggie tee cute way, in a baggy shoulders on a boatneck top way.

sea horsey

American Apparel leggings, Target hat, belt and sweater, J. Crew boots. Pardon my unintentional hipster pose.

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  1. supercute on both counts. love the colors in the faith21 dress. and your hair. v. cute. what did you think of faith21 in general. also, it still cracks me up that you can totally go to not just any mall but The Mall of America. Whew. lotta mall.

    i also really like the striped dress and that target cardi.