Monday, September 26, 2011

Clearance Sale at La Grand Dame

Big ol' sale over at La Grand Dame. Use the code CLEAROUT at checkout for half off the clearance price. Anna Scholz lace jacket is $30, silk dress is $125, James Jeans $105-ish, and the AMAZOING Monif C suit is only $38!

Swoon with me

Getting my swoon on with some Asos Curve items I can't afford. Swoon Swoon Swoon

ASOS reversible dress
402 NOK -

Forever21 scoop neck top
$7.80 -

ASOS reversible coat
$165 -

ASOS metallic jeans
$64 -

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pretty in Pink---er, Lilac?

I just wanted to post some pics of this amazing vintage dress a friend gave me. The only pics of it, though, involve me singing karaoke! So there you go, friends. This dress was fully lined in an unforgiving acetate, but otherwise seemed like it would fit really well. So I cut out the lining, leaving the bits where the lining was reinforcing a dart or something, and keeping the interfacing at the neckline. I wore it with a navy slip since I wanted a funkier vibe, but it could be prettied up with a cream-colored slip. I think it would be fun to try a bunch of different colored slips under it, actually. I wore burgundy tights and my metallic Pour La Victoire brogues* with it. Sad I don't have a full-length shot!

*Which I got on Amazon Warehouse Deals for $30.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some stylish comfort shoes over at Beyond the Rack today

Beyond the Rack is one of those flash sale retailers. It's kind of killing me that the only size left in these is a 41, because they are adorable. Earthies, Sanita, Naturalizer, and a few other brands in this "comfort boutique" sale, where most styles are half off or more.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Shoes Love

I found these at a consignment store near my house. They are canvas and tie around the ankles. A-MAY-ZOING.

This picture reminds of a question I am always meaning to ask: How do you all organize your precious jewels/cheap-as-hell accessories? I use this room divider/screen with a wicker placemat and a macrame-lookin' scarf organizer. It inevitably gets draped with towels, dresses, bras, etc., but it works fairly well.
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Born Under Punches

I'm back!

"Don't you miss it, don't you miss it.
Some 'a you people just about missed it!
Last time to make plans!
Well I'm a tumbler...
I'm a government man."
"Born Under Punches", Talking Heads

Well, I am not a Tumblr, I don't think. Too much teen angst and random porn for this old lady. Still some great people doing cool stuff over there, but I missed my comments section!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Starting a tumblr

I feel like I always want to come here and just post some random thing I like, but Blogger feels too formal for that, somehow. So I am going to try a tumblr and see how it goes. Please follow me so I can follow you:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail by lowbudgetdiva featuring a woven leather handbag

This funky colored dress from Eshakti looks 60s, but the color feels 70s to me. Reminded me of a drink called a Rusty Nail, which I (quite possibly erroneously) associate with the 70s.

ETA: Apparently it was the 1930s. But that sorta works for this, too!

Mustard lover

[insert usual info about how busy I am and wish I was posting more blah blah blah]

42 varieties of mustard

I played hooky one day recently and met a friend for lunch. I had just gotten this vintage jacket/shirt and dusted off the yellow jacket from Lucie Lu for one glorious day of springlike weather before we got hit with another snowpocalypse.

42 varieties of mustard 1

Pardon the ooky face: I had just come from picking my kid up at daycare and finding out she had pulled some other kid's hair...out of her head. Yeah. Turns out my little gal has a nasty illness and a fever and this was sort of her way of letting us know? Okay, noted!

Pixelated close-up:
detail mustard
Tee: Target
Jacket/shirt thingy: Vintage via Everyday People
Outer jacket: Lucie Lu (Sold Out)
Skirt: Custom order from InTheThickOfIt
Brown tights: ?
Boots: Target Kachiri
Scarf: Vintage, thrifted long ago