Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Shoes Love

I found these at a consignment store near my house. They are canvas and tie around the ankles. A-MAY-ZOING.

This picture reminds of a question I am always meaning to ask: How do you all organize your precious jewels/cheap-as-hell accessories? I use this room divider/screen with a wicker placemat and a macrame-lookin' scarf organizer. It inevitably gets draped with towels, dresses, bras, etc., but it works fairly well.
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  1. That is amazing.
    I organize my jewels in a box and the necklace/bangles on a little "rack" fornecklaces. I put my earrings and rings in the box.

  2. those shoes rock! I love canvas shoes.

    I may do a post about accessory organization. I put straight pins with ball bead ends (you know, the quilting pins?) into my wall and hang a handful of necklaces from each one. For my somewhat extensive brooch collection, I bought some balsa wood nesting trays from ikea. For scarves, I use a fabric bin, and for belts, I have a hanger shaped like a butterfly that my mom bought me for christmas.

    Wow, after typing that, it makes me realize how many "accessories" I actually have. I always thought of myself as being light on the accessories! I guess I'm not!