Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"And so you're back/From Outer Space...."

tucker ootd

So I managed to squeeze in a few purchases in the last couple months. I took a chance on a couple of the Tucker for Target pieces on the recommendation of a friend who said they were pretty roomy. I am very pleased with them. The first one I paired with a sweater and belt I thrifted that are also from Target, American Apparel leggings, and the Target Kachiri boots that are the best deal going. $40-odd bucks for leather, Frye Campus look-alikes? Yes, please.

'Nother Tucker

The second one I wore with a tunic/dress thingy that has made appearances here before (from SWAK Designs) and a orange faux-snakeskin belt from the Target thrift store. Finished off with the famous $19 J. Crew Boots.

Stank face?

This was nothing special, but a comfy weekend outfit that features those same awesome Target boots. Top is SWAK Designs (their stuff is cheap, but once in a while they get something really cute in stock), thrifted cardigan, Asos Curve jeans.

Obsessed with stripes

And finally, I got this LL Bean top with a gift card. I have been wanting a spring/fall weight nautical type of top, and this has the perfect neckline and sleeve length for the job. I also got one in cream/navy stripe. It's cut for a longer torso than mine, but I think with a wash or two it will shrink up to just the right length. Secondhand Torrid skirt, vintage hat, Target shoes, scarf from Ricki's, a Canadian chain.

I am back!

Apparently, going on a shopping hiatus means no posts. Heh. Sorry about that folks.

Since I last wrote here, my life more or less exploded, though, so lack of shopping was the least of my problems. I am going to try to get back on this shit right quick...