Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rebel without a cause/clue

Don't mind me, just combining my favorite Replacements' line with the title of the movie I am going to see in the park just now.

Rebel without a cause

This outfit is very much a tribute to one of my style gurus, Cynara. She wore a drapey top and cargo pants and I really did pop out to the thrift store the next day to find some cargo pants. Top is from the Asos Curve line, and has sheer panels on the sides. Very comfy.

Pants: Thrifted Old Navy
Top: Asos Curve
Shoes: Thrifted Nine West
Necklace: Vintage flapper beads

This is all I could muster for a particularly steamy day last week. I wish the shorts were rolled up shorter, but that's what posting these pics does, helps me see what could be done better

Steamy Days

Top: Thrifted, Target Pure Energy line
Shorts: Avenue, a couple years ago
Shoe: Softspots form the thrift store!
Weird pose: Failed attempt to obscure my banged up knee

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plus-sized Pregnant

(No, not pregnant now! Must always quash rumors at the get-go.)

I was showing a friend these pregnancy shots I took when I was up the duff. She suggested I post them here, just for the sake of fat pregnancy visibility if nothing else (since in my view there is very little fashion going on here).

So, you know, I wasn't Miss Stylish every day of my pregnancy, but I waded through it okay. Also, I should mention that these were all taken pretty late in my pregnancy, and before month 6 or so, I didn't feel like I looked pregnant. I know this is a common complaint of fat women, even though there are always exceptions. But by the end, as you can see in the more wintry ensemble, there was no mistaking it, I was totally PG. What is funny to me looking at that picture now is that in that last shot I am not wearing any maternity wear, and in the others I am. I wore layers underneath low-cut things to build ease into an outfit. For example, that lacy part that you can barely make out is a top from Velvet (the anthro brand), and it rested on top of the bump. The dress had a low v-neck and dolman sleeves and lots of stretch and drape, so it was more forgiving than any of the figure-hugging maternity stuff I had. And the boots were the first truly wide calf boots I ever purchased, because there was extra room in the calf and a zipper, so there was a lot of wiggle room. That kind of improvising became more important as pregnancy progressed, but it took me until week 36 or whatever to get there.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some recent outfits

I haven't been shopping (other than at the thrift store) for ages. We are pretty broke at the moment, so I have been making do, remixing stuff that I already have, and...well, mostly not really dressing very fancy. I have conflicting impulses toward minimalism and "ooh, shiny!", as many of us do, I suspect. I look in the closet and some days I just don't see anything there, when in reality clothes are spilling out. I have a feeling I will be doing some drastic wardrobe overhaul in the near future...

Party time

detail of dress

I wore this to a birthday dinner party last night.

Work outfit

I made this ring

I wore this to work the other day.

I made both the ring and the brooch (in the first outfit), in separate crafting frenzies, and the devoted reader will note that I have worn this skirt twice before. I DON'T CARE: I love it. I actually took several inches off the top to change the shape and length of it, and I am pretty happy with the result. No more rolling the waistband--yay!

I have not been giving very good face on these shots lately, for which I beg your forgiveness. I am without the assistance of a competent photo shoot manager at the moment, and my self-timer does not have the best eye for composition. I have, however, overhauled the look of the site, so I hope you like the results!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Working Girl

I started a new job this week, the same week my husband was gone on a work trip to China! I was all overprepared: I had all my outfits for the week planned in advance, mostly since I didn't want a wardrobe crisis while single-parenting, but also because I am a little rusty with the whole "work appropriate" dressing concept. So this is the outfit I wore on the second day:

Second Day at New Job

Sorry it's crazy blurry, but I let the spouse take our camera on his trip. I suppose panoramic landscape shots of remote corners of China are more important than my work outfits--GAWD! This is my first shot with my webcam.

new glasses

On my first day, I wore something really boring and conservative since I really wasn't sure how others would be dressed. By the end of the week I was wearing skinny jeans and a long tunic/short dress. As my new supervisor is fond of saying, "It's really not that deep." Hah! I really overthought that shit.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the cheapness of it. Skirt was free from an online sale, shoes and necklace were from consignment places where I traded stuff in, so they were free, top was free from a swap, belt was $3.24 from Target, the jacket was about $10 from an online sale, and my new glasses were $20 from Zenni Optical. With a prescription. No, really. So, yeah, about the cheapest outfit ever, and quite serviceable.

What do you wear to work? Or what do you wear when you are not momming it up?

Oh, I keep forgetting to add a video! I am going to see these guys open for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros tonight: