Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some recent outfits

I haven't been shopping (other than at the thrift store) for ages. We are pretty broke at the moment, so I have been making do, remixing stuff that I already have, and...well, mostly not really dressing very fancy. I have conflicting impulses toward minimalism and "ooh, shiny!", as many of us do, I suspect. I look in the closet and some days I just don't see anything there, when in reality clothes are spilling out. I have a feeling I will be doing some drastic wardrobe overhaul in the near future...

Party time

detail of dress

I wore this to a birthday dinner party last night.

Work outfit

I made this ring

I wore this to work the other day.

I made both the ring and the brooch (in the first outfit), in separate crafting frenzies, and the devoted reader will note that I have worn this skirt twice before. I DON'T CARE: I love it. I actually took several inches off the top to change the shape and length of it, and I am pretty happy with the result. No more rolling the waistband--yay!

I have not been giving very good face on these shots lately, for which I beg your forgiveness. I am without the assistance of a competent photo shoot manager at the moment, and my self-timer does not have the best eye for composition. I have, however, overhauled the look of the site, so I hope you like the results!


  1. Like your outfit, legs and neighborhood! So pretty, all of the above. I like the new site design! I've just been doing my own. Woohoo new Blogger templates! What what. And nice job with the shortening of the skirt. It looks great, and I like it with the pink--and everything else I've ever seen it with. I like seeing you remix it aactually. It may just be a miracle skirt that way, where you think, oh, this is kind of random but I like it and then lo it goes with everything you have.

  2. And I LOVE the ring! How did you make it?

  3. You are so crafty! I must join in the skirt love. I should also learn how to shorten skirts, since I have short legs and it costs an arm and a leg at the tailor if the skirt is lined.

    I also admire your working of the skinny belt! For some reason I find belts really intimidating, even though it seems like they'd be all cool and helpful.

    Miss you too! (Marisa)

  4. Thanks, dears. Samira--it's true, that skirt is proving to have magical properties. It's fun when the least expected thing does that. I am just now thinking of other ways I can wear it in the future! The first photo is by my house, but the second one I took on the grounds of a church across from my workplace. I think that might account for the weird face, since I was somewhat concerned that a coworker would spot me. AWKWARD. ;) I made the ring with a cheapo, adjustable ring base (don't know where it's from, my friend let me have it when we were crafting at her house), onto which I glued with some stinky epoxy type glue a vintage button (also gifted from my dear friend), and then gluing the pendant (do you remember that? It was a necklace with a Virgo virgin on it) on top of the button. It was really easy!

    Marisa--you DO need to join the skirt posse! It solves a lot of the problems I have with dresses, namely the fact that I am not the same dress size on top and bottom. And belts are helpful, especially if a shirt is not fitted enough under the bust. It would flatter you like mad, girl!

    I miss you guys.