Saturday, June 5, 2010

Working Girl

I started a new job this week, the same week my husband was gone on a work trip to China! I was all overprepared: I had all my outfits for the week planned in advance, mostly since I didn't want a wardrobe crisis while single-parenting, but also because I am a little rusty with the whole "work appropriate" dressing concept. So this is the outfit I wore on the second day:

Second Day at New Job

Sorry it's crazy blurry, but I let the spouse take our camera on his trip. I suppose panoramic landscape shots of remote corners of China are more important than my work outfits--GAWD! This is my first shot with my webcam.

new glasses

On my first day, I wore something really boring and conservative since I really wasn't sure how others would be dressed. By the end of the week I was wearing skinny jeans and a long tunic/short dress. As my new supervisor is fond of saying, "It's really not that deep." Hah! I really overthought that shit.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the cheapness of it. Skirt was free from an online sale, shoes and necklace were from consignment places where I traded stuff in, so they were free, top was free from a swap, belt was $3.24 from Target, the jacket was about $10 from an online sale, and my new glasses were $20 from Zenni Optical. With a prescription. No, really. So, yeah, about the cheapest outfit ever, and quite serviceable.

What do you wear to work? Or what do you wear when you are not momming it up?

Oh, I keep forgetting to add a video! I am going to see these guys open for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros tonight:


  1. I tend to overdress for work lol I get so excited about wearing something and then I am on my out the door and my husband remarks, "Going out for the evening?"

    Better overdressed than under I say! (Well, at least to make myself feel better!)

    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  2. Hey Alexis, I can't believe I didn't realize you had a blog! I will be following religiously now. And love love love the glasses!


  3. Yes, I make no apologies for overdressing!
    Marisa: I can't believe it either. Except I can, since I am shit about promoting this site to people I know! I look forward to your comments! I miss you.

  4. Yay for a new job! Yay for a reason to dress up! Yay for free outfits. Good stuff. I love the glasses too, and the pink skirt.