Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, hi there!

Sorry I have been so absent here, but life has taken over (and here I thought things would be less stressful when school got out!).

We went to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Navy Pier (two things I would never have done in visits to Chicago avant bebe), ate a lot of great food, and nearly died of exhaustion from all the driving. It was a good time!


Still remixing this skirt a lot, this time there was a cropped, short sleeve red cardigan involved, which unforch did not make the photo, the fabulous ruffle flats from Target, and a couple of tank tops that got all matchy matchy with the skirt.


Nothing terribly fabulous here, but at least you get to see the fabulous Janelle Monae-esque Pour La Victoire bronze oxfords I scored for $38 (-$25 gift certificate= $13!!!). And the pants obviously need a hem, but I love them (Asos Curve skinny jeans). Trench is Ricki's (Canada), army green tunic is from, striped dress is Old Navy.

As soon as I am off the BRAT diet (doctor's orders--cruelly, this seems to mean that I will not be eating any brats over Memorial Day weekend, which just doesn't seem right), I will post my Asos Curve review. I am kind of glad I waited a while, so I could wear stuff a few times and tell you how it holds up over time. I feel like so many product review posts are written in the euphoric moments when the item first arrives, and that tells me very little about a garment.


  1. I love the trench! Yay for a good Chicago visit! I'd love to go back there sometime soon-ish. Well, actually maybe in three years when the kids won't make me want to jump off something high and drafty. Amazing score on the PLV shoes! And I love the stripes on you :)

  2. Also, I can't believe how big Violet is! So cute.