Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catch me on the remix


I feel like I am breaking some sort of fashion blogging rule by doing this, but I am posting the same item in two outfits in a row! Maybe no one actually gives a shit, maybe that's just residual misgivings from schooldays about wearing the same clothes two days in a row. I am not ashamed to admit that I wore this top (actually a dress) to sleep last night and went out in public in it today! I wanted to do a little pattern mixing, nothing too wild, and I have been loving the way some of my favorite bloggers are mixing up nautical stripes and other patterns.

ruffled mustard

These shoes are a recent acquisition, but I bought them on a sales post over at the the Fatshionista Livejournal community. The sales posts over there have been a godsend to me for finding unique plus-size clothes, be they unique vintage finds, cheap and trendy pieces, or the rare, high quality wardrobe staple. It's a great place to sell your own stuff that has outstayed its welcome in your closet. Kind of like a Buffalo Exchange for big gals!

The vest is from Addition Elle, a Canadian plus-size chain, which I visited with the uber-stylish Cynara when I was in Winnipeg last summer. I once heard the vest described as the "sexiest fishing vest ever". Har har.

Finally, I wanted to share a photo that demonstrates why I have categorized my blog the way I have. When I first started this blog, someone asked me why moms would need a distinct style blog from any other woman/person. I have to ask: how many of you go to select a pair of shoes for your outfit and come across this:

momma's new shoes
Apparently, my shoes are also really really awesome cars...for Legos. And they like to be decorated with smiley face stickers. Heh.


  1. I like the stripes with that batik skirt. I am a big fan of the batik skirt in general. And I love your hair!

  2. Love the vest! enjoy reading your blog. I'm into mustard/yellow this year and hope to score a handbag in that color while thrifting soon.

  3. EEeeeeek! Love those shoes!!!!!