Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Secret Asos DressSecret Asos Dress

I look so creeped out in the second picture. Let's pretend it's because it's Halloween. It was probably more because I was in the parking lot of my workplace and was worried that someone would see me snapping my pics!

I am pretty pleased with this unexpected pattern mixing experiment here. The tile print on the dress and the leopard print on the coat are similar enough in contrast and size that I think they don't clash in a bad way, am I right? I find myself grabbing this NY&Co 3/4 sleeve swing coat more and more lately (bought last year sometime for something like $10!).

I slapped on some kitty ears after this to take my daughter trick-or-treating with some friends whose son is about her age. It was the first time for both of them and they had a blast. She was a kitty and her pal was Batman, and the grown folks had great fun eating all the candy (shhhhhh!).

Some blogs I love

Picnic Perfect

I am prompted to do this post by the discovery of Big Girl Small Budget. Tiny Town. I really love this woman's fearless style, self-imposed challenges, and fierce accessory choices. I could learn a thing or two about necklaces from her.

Of course I am a religious follower of my friend Samira's blog, M. O. D. Style, which showcases many of her spot-on, Cali-casual with a few punk, luxe twists outfits, as well as occasional spotlights on designers, style blogs, and looks she loves. All from the perspective of a mother of two.
I totally dig the DIY, slightly nerdy chic of Rebecca over at We Are Large, People. Not only does she have great style, she always goes the extra mile to show you how you can make or buy the look. Bloomie at 30 Dresses in 30 Days is always fearless and fabulous, Deena at Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes, Too brings a British punk sensibility to her looks, and she always seems to know the big stories before anyone else (like when Marc Jacobs announced he would be designing a plus-size line!!!). And of course Xtina at Musings of a Fatshionista always keeps it high fashion and editorial. And I frequently discover more obscure plus-size vendors through her.

There are several more, but none of them are updating much lately. But stick 'em in your RSS anyway (heh, never noticed how that could be punny until now):

What else should I be reading?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ASOS New US Site

The new Asos US site has launched, just in time for their mid-season clearance sales!

I am sort of sad that they have a US-oriented site, honestly, because I had finally gotten the hang of how their sizing translates for me, and now they only have US sizes listed, so I have to translate back into UK sizes. Sigh. I know, for example, that the UK 20 is not a US 16, but is more like a perfect 18. That's just the vagaries of sizing, I suppose, but I have to remember that even though they are telling me to order a US 18, I know that I really need the 16. Phew. Any way, I hope you all get a chance to take advantage of their double whammy of free shipping both ways and clearance sale. I am giving this tile-print dress and this work-friendly blouse a try. I was hoping this dress would go on even deeper clearance, but that remains to be seen.

Oh, and Asos, if you are listening, could you please put this owl sweater on sale for me? Kthxbai.

And a little musical tribute to Mr. Solomon Burke, who died this weekend in Amsterdam. RIP, Solomon.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shades of Orangish Red and Black

Oh yeah, I wore that shizz again. I love this damn dress. It's unfortunate that it's such a distinctive pattern, though, because I don't feel I can wear it more than every week or two. Velvet blazer is thrifted Old Navy, t-shirt dress you can't really see under the Tucker dress is from Asos Curve, scarf from the Gap.

More Tucker, Please

Friend's Wedding

In a related color palette, this is something I wore to a friend's wedding. She was married at an old (functioning) movie theater, complete with popcorn and sodas for the guests. It was in the afternoon, but it is October, it was tough figuring out what would be appropriate to wear. Someone was wearing these (which I secretly covet), so turns out I worried for nothing. It was come as you are.

Nevertheless, I had a bit of a "I have nothing to wear!" moment that I was talked down from via gmail chat by my friend Cynara. She scanned my Flickr photos and pulled this together for me. Emergency digital stylist! Love it. Black blazer, suede wedge heels, and swiss dot nylons are from Target, dress is Dorothy Perkins. Phony pearls from H&M. There was a cute, mini-cat eye thing happening with my eye makeup, but of course I cried that off at the ceremony in a flash.