Sunday, October 10, 2010

ASOS New US Site

The new Asos US site has launched, just in time for their mid-season clearance sales!

I am sort of sad that they have a US-oriented site, honestly, because I had finally gotten the hang of how their sizing translates for me, and now they only have US sizes listed, so I have to translate back into UK sizes. Sigh. I know, for example, that the UK 20 is not a US 16, but is more like a perfect 18. That's just the vagaries of sizing, I suppose, but I have to remember that even though they are telling me to order a US 18, I know that I really need the 16. Phew. Any way, I hope you all get a chance to take advantage of their double whammy of free shipping both ways and clearance sale. I am giving this tile-print dress and this work-friendly blouse a try. I was hoping this dress would go on even deeper clearance, but that remains to be seen.

Oh, and Asos, if you are listening, could you please put this owl sweater on sale for me? Kthxbai.

And a little musical tribute to Mr. Solomon Burke, who died this weekend in Amsterdam. RIP, Solomon.


  1. Well, unfortunately (fortunately?) my credit card puts up an automatic fraud alert every time I try to order from ASOS, I guess because it's international. So I found some great sale stuff, but not to be.

    Totally unrelated, we just bought our tickets for Des Moines in December. We'll be there from the 17th through the 5th and would love to come visit if you're up for it!

  2. YAY! I will delighted to see you. That's a pretty long trip, no?

    Try doing the Paypal option on Asos. I never have trouble with that one. Or don't. :)

  3. I'm excited too! Let's powwow as the date draws near :) And unfortunately I managed to get an order through....