Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Secret Asos DressSecret Asos Dress

I look so creeped out in the second picture. Let's pretend it's because it's Halloween. It was probably more because I was in the parking lot of my workplace and was worried that someone would see me snapping my pics!

I am pretty pleased with this unexpected pattern mixing experiment here. The tile print on the dress and the leopard print on the coat are similar enough in contrast and size that I think they don't clash in a bad way, am I right? I find myself grabbing this NY&Co 3/4 sleeve swing coat more and more lately (bought last year sometime for something like $10!).

I slapped on some kitty ears after this to take my daughter trick-or-treating with some friends whose son is about her age. It was the first time for both of them and they had a blast. She was a kitty and her pal was Batman, and the grown folks had great fun eating all the candy (shhhhhh!).


  1. I love that coat! And I also love your ohhh hallooo expression.

  2. Love the combo, the coat length is just perfect with the dress underneath. You wear it so well.

  3. I do love a pattern mix! This dress so very pretty!