Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 things that exemplify my style

Following the latest meme, I wanted to share the five things that define my style. I got the idea from seeing Buttercup's Frocks' and We Are Large, People's iterations.

1. Horizontal stripes, nautical and otherwise.
Obsessed with stripesDay 1 of my no repeats challengeTax ManOutfit of the thrift shopping+Cafe studying

2. Print mixing
A little old-fashioned pattern mixingSecret Asos DressFishwife

3. Dresses. I know this is vague, but I really wear a lot of them.

Texture, and how you can't see it at all in this picMore Tucker, PleaseEquestrian GrungeDrapey dress

4. Belted cardigans. I don't like to admit this one, because I am actually moving away from this look a little, but the proof is there.

tucker ootdWork outfitP5150059

5. And of course...


Oops, not that Boots! But that is what my nearly-three year old calls me. I honestly think she may have come up with that because of my boot addiction. I could post a thousand pictures of me in boots, but I know you know how into them I am.

day four jeggingsRinse and Repeat

What are your items/looks/things that define your style?


  1. Love the green cardi and striped top! great outfit. Just loving your blogs, you have definatly inspired me with some recent purchases!

  2. So many of these are also my go-to style basics. Belted cardi? Check. Print mixing? Double check. It's just good style, right! (And fun!)
    And, yes, in answer to your question on my blog. I did read the NY Times story on shampoo, soap, etc. Very interesting stuff. I'm only on day 19 (or so) of my no shampoo/baking soda and apple cider vinegar hair care so the jury's still out. So far, however, I like it!

  3. Love it all - you are just so adorable :)

    Also, I think I have that striped dress in the second-to-last picture.

  4. I love dresses, belts, bright color, short skirts and dresses, tights and cropped cardi's.

  5. heh heh, boots, heh heh... hilarious. funny how consistent some things are upon reflection. when it works it works. i enjoyed the style retrospective :) looking forward to hanging out in person soon(ish).