Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping Hiatus (of sorts)

I have been thinking of doing this for a long time, and it's time to bite the bullet. Now that the holiday shopping season has begun (which is enough to make me ill in itself--it's supposed to start AFTER Thanksgiving), it's time for me to stop shopping retail. After my most recent frustration with Asos, and more than one occasion where there was a package at my door and I couldn't for the life of me remember what I had ordered, it seemed like a good time to stop. Also, I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the extreme waste that good ol' American shopaholicism really is. I mean, the world cotton production can't keep up with demand. WTF? That just feels wrong to me.

I'll still be shopping, but I will only buy from the thrift store, Etsy, or online sales of secondhand stuff. I will probably make an exception for cold weather staples, because I am in dire need of some cute winter boots that are actually functional. If you have favorite Etsy or Ebay shops, or upcycling ideas, send them my way! My friend Cynara sent me some awesome links for making fabric necklaces--great way to use stained tshirts!


  1. Good luck Alexis!

    I have an etsy shop (wearelargepeople.etsy.com) that will soon have about 20 more items.

    Also, I have some dresses and other things in 1xish sizes that I have been too lazy to post on fatshionxchange. Interested? Email me, we can work something out! (wearelargepeople at gmail).

  2. Oh, to clarify, they are things that I, umm, outgrew, in the past year, so they are pretty nice! Not like castoffs or anything. Well, I think they are nice. I'd keep them if they still fit :)

  3. I may well be very interested. Let's chat! One thing I did to make it easier is I unsubscribe to all the online retailers I had been getting emails from. I don't know about you, but just the mention of "HUGE SALE" gets me excited. And that sorta freaks me out. I also tend to "window shop" online when I am stressed or bored, so I will have to figure out how to distract myself from that. I honestly think it will be harder to do than quitting smoking!

  4. I really know what you mean. My way of decompressing is to window shop online. I put things in a shopping cart, then whittle down the cart to one or two things, then walk away from it without actually buying things. It's really weird. I do think it's an addiction.

    Please do email me about the clothes (I can't find your email address) and we can chat!

  5. Good luck, Alexis! I agree that it's harder than quitting smoking, but probably similarly rewarding (I have yet to find out!). Keep us posted.