Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just spent a fantastic weekend visiting friends in Chicago. I was pretty true to my no retail shopping, though I did pick up some replacement leggings at ye olde American Apparel. Those definitely count as winter staples that I can't really forgo.

I also got to pick up my custom-made skirt from Etsy seller and blogger (and all around cool peeps) IntheThickofIt.
She took that picture of the skirt, and brightened it to get the details. The real color is a dark blue:

Bleeding Heart Bakery

Worn with a thrifted Target tee shirt (it's grey with red stripes, but you can't tell here), my brand new AA leggings, a vintage four-ply cashmere cardigan (toooooastyyyy) and Pour La Victoire metallic oxfords. And a leopard print coat. The skirt is such good quality, and a good value. I provided my own fabric and she only charged me $25 for labor. And the hem is handstitched! I recommend you check out her stuff.

I also got another 1940s vintage dress! It was $13 at Crossroads and I couldn't believe they had it and that it FIT. It will be featured in a future post. And I got a couple of pretty outrageous animal print items at the Village Thrift that should make an appearance here some day soon.


  1. love the outfit. I've never been to Chicago but would really love to, I've heard so many cool things about the city!

  2. I love the outfit and I love your style! :)


  3. Thanks, folks! It was very exciting. Samira, I thought of you a lot as I walked around the North Side. Rainbo Club, all that good stuff. :)

  4. I was totally in chicago all week for work (mon - fri), so I guess we just missed each other! It would be so great to meet in person one day.

  5. Lovely hat! And I like this whole outfit and the way you put it together! (Yay for no middle named fashion!)