Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shades of Orangish Red and Black

Oh yeah, I wore that shizz again. I love this damn dress. It's unfortunate that it's such a distinctive pattern, though, because I don't feel I can wear it more than every week or two. Velvet blazer is thrifted Old Navy, t-shirt dress you can't really see under the Tucker dress is from Asos Curve, scarf from the Gap.

More Tucker, Please

Friend's Wedding

In a related color palette, this is something I wore to a friend's wedding. She was married at an old (functioning) movie theater, complete with popcorn and sodas for the guests. It was in the afternoon, but it is October, it was tough figuring out what would be appropriate to wear. Someone was wearing these (which I secretly covet), so turns out I worried for nothing. It was come as you are.

Nevertheless, I had a bit of a "I have nothing to wear!" moment that I was talked down from via gmail chat by my friend Cynara. She scanned my Flickr photos and pulled this together for me. Emergency digital stylist! Love it. Black blazer, suede wedge heels, and swiss dot nylons are from Target, dress is Dorothy Perkins. Phony pearls from H&M. There was a cute, mini-cat eye thing happening with my eye makeup, but of course I cried that off at the ceremony in a flash.


  1. Nice gams! Love the wedding outfit and what a great idea for a wedding locale. I laughed, I cried, I want some more goddamn popcorn....

  2. Haha, thanks, Samira! It was a great venue. You should have seen Violet; she had never been in a movie theater before and had never had theater-style popcorn. She ate half a bag before I intervened and said, "whoa, now, there's a KID'S BUFFET at the reception--slow down!"

  3. sooooooo.....i just figured out who you look like now that i saw your old pics on flickr! KATY PERRY!!! totally. :)

  4. @Kristin: WOW! That's quite a compliment. Thanks, dear. :)