Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plus-sized Pregnant

(No, not pregnant now! Must always quash rumors at the get-go.)

I was showing a friend these pregnancy shots I took when I was up the duff. She suggested I post them here, just for the sake of fat pregnancy visibility if nothing else (since in my view there is very little fashion going on here).

So, you know, I wasn't Miss Stylish every day of my pregnancy, but I waded through it okay. Also, I should mention that these were all taken pretty late in my pregnancy, and before month 6 or so, I didn't feel like I looked pregnant. I know this is a common complaint of fat women, even though there are always exceptions. But by the end, as you can see in the more wintry ensemble, there was no mistaking it, I was totally PG. What is funny to me looking at that picture now is that in that last shot I am not wearing any maternity wear, and in the others I am. I wore layers underneath low-cut things to build ease into an outfit. For example, that lacy part that you can barely make out is a top from Velvet (the anthro brand), and it rested on top of the bump. The dress had a low v-neck and dolman sleeves and lots of stretch and drape, so it was more forgiving than any of the figure-hugging maternity stuff I had. And the boots were the first truly wide calf boots I ever purchased, because there was extra room in the calf and a zipper, so there was a lot of wiggle room. That kind of improvising became more important as pregnancy progressed, but it took me until week 36 or whatever to get there.