Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rebel without a cause/clue

Don't mind me, just combining my favorite Replacements' line with the title of the movie I am going to see in the park just now.

Rebel without a cause

This outfit is very much a tribute to one of my style gurus, Cynara. She wore a drapey top and cargo pants and I really did pop out to the thrift store the next day to find some cargo pants. Top is from the Asos Curve line, and has sheer panels on the sides. Very comfy.

Pants: Thrifted Old Navy
Top: Asos Curve
Shoes: Thrifted Nine West
Necklace: Vintage flapper beads

This is all I could muster for a particularly steamy day last week. I wish the shorts were rolled up shorter, but that's what posting these pics does, helps me see what could be done better

Steamy Days

Top: Thrifted, Target Pure Energy line
Shorts: Avenue, a couple years ago
Shoe: Softspots form the thrift store!
Weird pose: Failed attempt to obscure my banged up knee


  1. Adorable! I love the first outfit on you, and love that thrifted shirt in the second outfit. Pintucking and cotton chambray (at least that's what it looks like in the pic) always look summery to me.

  2. You are so cute! I also really like that blue shirting fabric top on you. Very nice. And I like the cargo pants! I'm still trying to figure out how to wear mine without looking supair butch. You are pulling that off. Also, I love that necklace! And the 50s tough/80s punk hair. How's the new job going?

  3. Thanks, thirtiesgirl and Samira!

    Samira: I always like to walk the butch line a little bit (when I am not wearing dresses at least), but I think jewelry and ponytails help with de-butching. :) Loving the job, loads to talk to you about. I should shoot you an email/call you soon soon.