Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mustard lover

[insert usual info about how busy I am and wish I was posting more blah blah blah]

42 varieties of mustard

I played hooky one day recently and met a friend for lunch. I had just gotten this vintage jacket/shirt and dusted off the yellow jacket from Lucie Lu for one glorious day of springlike weather before we got hit with another snowpocalypse.

42 varieties of mustard 1

Pardon the ooky face: I had just come from picking my kid up at daycare and finding out she had pulled some other kid's hair...out of her head. Yeah. Turns out my little gal has a nasty illness and a fever and this was sort of her way of letting us know? Okay, noted!

Pixelated close-up:
detail mustard
Tee: Target
Jacket/shirt thingy: Vintage via Everyday People
Outer jacket: Lucie Lu (Sold Out)
Skirt: Custom order from InTheThickOfIt
Brown tights: ?
Boots: Target Kachiri
Scarf: Vintage, thrifted long ago


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I just love the colors.


  2. You look amazing! I really like this outfit on you. The colors are awesome and really suit you and your beautiful skin!

    btw, i bought that eShakti dress and its great in person, though it fits me weird up top so I need to alter it.

  3. You look so great! I really love the skirt & the colour palette

  4. You're back - yay!!! I've missed you.

  5. I love mustard as well... I can't get enough. I just found your blog and I am glad I did!

  6. Hey everyone! So nice to see all these comments! I have been having a rough time of it for a while now, so I still expect to post only sporadically, but it's nice to see you all, too. And welcome to the Brook(e)s! :)

  7. Hey cutie! Cute all over and love the special ordered skirt. Nice to know that you can get something to your specs and afford it too. I'ma check into that.

    Feel you on the wtf preschooler moments. W.T.F. little dudes? Though it is in a small way satisfying that they can still let their little ids flow freely.

  8. Late to the party as always. I love that Lucie Lu jacket. Totally adorable and such a great color.