Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An outfit

I wore this today to the aquarium at the mall with my very crabby two-year-old.

This is the epitome of what I have been wearing this winter. Boots? Check. Ambiguous tunic/dress type of dealy-do? Check. Wool sweater and a jaunty cap? Check and check. Belt optional.

I'm in love with this hat that I found in Austin while visiting my awesome friend Rudy. It looked good on both of us, but he graciously allowed me to purchase it. I usually don't like caps, but this one has the cutest little brim:

Close-up of cap

The dress/tunic (it has pockets!) is a color that I always am drawn to, but feel like it washes me out, especially in winter, so I like to pair it with darker colors. I am quite fond of finding ways to wear colors that are not "good" on me. How about you? Do you like to be "bad" and wear another season's colors?

Outfit details:

Dress: Gap via Re/Dress Consignment store in NYC
Sweater: Target via the magical Salvation Army, aka Target's year-round garage sale
Leggings, Belt and Earrings: Target
Boots: J. Crew via Jeremy's in Berkeley, CA
Hat: 1940s jockey cap via Protoype Vintage in Austin, TX


  1. um, totally meant to leave my comment on your last post on this post. whoops. love that you are rocking the cheap chic like nobody's business.