Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eshakti: Killing me with cuteness

Oh, Eshakti, how you torment me with your adorable clothes.

I have purchased several things from this company in the past, to mixed results. I usually like the way the item looks, but the quality of fabric and the fit is not always great. Still, they do standard sizes up to 26W, and will custom-size anything on the site for $10 more. That's pretty good. So if you are looking for something anthropologie-esque, but cheaper (and lower quality), or just anthro-esque in your size if you are size 14+, Eshakti's your man (or whatever).

Right now, I am in love with this tiered, corset-style dress. They run out of stuff fast, which I learned when I lusted after a dress that looked just like this but in a printed denim, and a yellow and white ticking fabric:
sold out

I also love this banded waist dress, this low-cowl, tulip-shaped dress looks promising for someone who wants to amp up the curvalicious factor, and this polka-dot top just slays me. Somehow I feel like it evokes this Spanish, pop-art, Almodovar film aesthetic that I am really into right now.

Anyone else jonesin' for some Eshakti?


  1. I AM DYING FOR THAT DRESS. My wishlist's always end up with mystery sold out pieces and those were two dresses that got away. I seriously need to try that floral version.

  2. You won't believe this: there is this section on their site where they sell stuff that got returned, and someone returned the yellow version in my size! I totally nabbed it, and at 25% off to boot! Take a look at the sections called "ready to wear" and "same day shipping." They even list the available sizes on the initial page, which is a new thing.