Friday, April 9, 2010

Worker's Playtime

Worker's Playtime

I have had this top for a while, but I started to kind of hate it. It had elastic underneath the bust, which I have recently decided is not my best look, unless I am pregnant (which I am not at the moment, even though their have been some maternity themed posts of late (and will be again! Stay tuned!)). On a recent weekend trip, I decided to bring along some mending instead of my usual never-to-be-finished knitting project, and tossed this top in the bag, too. I whipped out the seam ripper and took that pesky bit of elastic out. It changed the whole shape of the shirt, gave me more bust room, and even added some length! Plus now I can still cinch it in, but at the spot that I deem best instead of where the elastic sits. Yay! The "jacket" over it is a tunic that I have nearly gotten rid of numerous times, only to find a new use for it. I was inspired to wear it belted as a jacket by a recent post at Corazones Rojos.

The shoes we can thank little Miss V for, as she walked in from the bedroom wearing them (and walking better than I usually do in heels!), and said, "You want mommy to wear those" (pronouns: we're working on them). I don't normally take sartorial advice form the under three set, but this time I kinda thought she was on to something.

Slub-knit striped top, Dorothy Perkins
Military-ish tunic: Shop Translated (Now on sale for $22.50!)
Twill skinny pants: Tripp, via Buffalo Exchange
Belt: Clothes swap
Wooden wedges: Thrifted (Target)

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