Thursday, April 22, 2010

My favorite jeans

I can't believe it's been a whole week since my last post.
Birthday Outifts

I just want to pimp my favorite jeans for a minute. I have these in two washes. They are the Cate trouser jean from Svoboda, a plus-size premium denim company. I can't find these on their site now, which makes me think that maybe they are discontinuing them. But they are available on Myshape and a few other places. I know Svoboda maintains an ebay store where they consistently sell their overstock at 50% retail. I scored the lighter wash pair in a clearance sale for a store for which I also had a $25 gift code, so I paid $10 for this $140 pair. Score! I think I got the darker wash pair from their ebay shop, and they have held up amazingly well.

The top outfit is from today. I am wearing my very unfancy New Balance sneakers since I went for a 5 mile walk while pushing a stroller.

What I am listening to today (obsessively):


  1. those look super good on you! alas, i am still on the hunt for my perfect pair.

    also - tightrope, omg, LOVE that song! great choice.

  2. I love the dark wash with the red top on you. The necklace makes it look so classy. And *woot* for $10 jeans! Way to bargain hunt.

  3. oh, totally obsession worthy. both the jeans and jenelle monae. i love her. wondering if i can engineer that hair at home.

    glad the svoboda jeans worked out for you! and you did it up thriftgirl style with the discounts. always feels a little better inside :) they look great on you and i love both the floaty white top and vest and the curvy red t-shirt.