Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy

We had some big storms here last night, and it's all gloomy today. It's my favorite time of year for clothes since you can still pull out the winter palate some days, but others it's summery enough for brighter stuff, or open-toe shoes and such. I don't know WTF (Why the Face?), but I am much happier than I appear.

Almost this whole outfit is from the Salvation Army As-Is store. I know I have talked about it before, but it's more or less like a Target bargain basement. Lately I have seen things from the Gaultier and Rodarte for Target lines, as well as samples for stuff they ended up not selling. I know many cities have a store like this, but I think because the Minneapolis store is so close to Target HQ, they get a wider range of stuff, including samples from their plus-size lines (score!).

This dress had cap sleeves, but I used my seam ripper to remove them because they were a bit tight and also I am not a huge fan of cap sleeves. I feel like this dress will be a very versatile wardrobe item. I like the billowiness of it, and I look forward to experimenting with manipulating the shape in different ways. Likewise with the cardigan. My friend Samira alerted me to the Stylelikeu profile on Hunter Thompson, who is a draping master, and I am truly inspired by his style. Another queen of draping and playing with volume is Christina at Musings of a Fatshionista, who, if you aren't already reading, you really should be, she's a pioneer. Recently she took her AA circle scarf and turned it into a floor-length skirt. Love it!

Dress, Jersey cardigan, Leggings, Purse: Thrifted at Sally Army
Boots: Aiden style from Diba (which, p.s., try to find some of these if you are of wide calf--they fit my 17.5-inchers!)

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