Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lazy Days

The whole oversized clothes thing is hard for me to get into. Like I said in the previous post, too many episodes of WNTW. But recently, I have seen so many big girls rocking the hell out of it that I figured it was time to give it a try. When trying out a new look, I like to make use of my local thrift store so the financial impact of any misstep is minimal. ;)

Thrifty Business

The bonus here was that the this shirt is "iron free", as am I (well, really we DO have an iron, but I never use it)*. So it's perfect for momming it up in the front yard or down at the neighborhood cafe/playground/"aquarium". It's hard to tell, but the shirt is not white, but a very pale pink.


Shirt: Thrifted in the men's department at Savers
Leggings: Thrifted at Salvation Army
Shoes: Thrifted at Savers

Total outfit cost: approx. $20. Nina Garcia would approve (maybe not, but whatever).

*Funnily, I can now see that "iron free" doesn't mean wrinkle free. Heh.


  1. le rose annonce le printemps ? ;O)

    bon mercredi !

  2. Oh wow, that is kinda hysterical. We may actually be ever so slightly freakishly linked.

    Not to mention your blog now works for me - yay!

  3. Also seeing your outfit makes me more comfortable in mine as you look adorable!

  4. Thanks, Bloomie! You looked super cute, too, though. :)