Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gettin' Crafty

Yesterday was the absolute worst day. I had a crazed driver tailgate me for blocks then screech past me on a residential street, weaving all over the place. Then some woman in the parking lot of Walgreen's nearly ran over my kid and then came screaming at me to watch out for my kid and then threatened to hit me. "You're lucky you're holding that baby," she screamed. Oh, and we attempted to get a splinter out of the kid's hand, only to traumatize the hell out of her (many traumatizing experiences that day). Finally, we went to get our taxes done, and the news was what you call Not Good.

But at least I looked kind of cute.

Tax Man

I found this skirt (size L) at Savers for $5 a while back. I cut the top third off, folded down the top edge over a length of elastic, and voila! a skirt that fits me. I especially love the little metal studs along the navy strips:


Seriously: how could I not try to make a skirt with that detail work?

My husband hates these, so therefore I want to wear them on the daily:

Top: secondhand Bitten by SJP, $5
Cardigan: Thrifted at Arc Value Village, $2
Skirt: Thrifted at Savers, $5
Shoes: Thrifted in Wisconsin, $5
Accessories: Vintage and/or thrifted


  1. I love the way you made this skirt work!! I've recently realized I could still wear some too small of a size for me skirts that I had in my closet by just rolling over the top bit. I may very well try the actual fixing them the way you've done. We actually got some very bad tax news, too. Hope today is better!

  2. Oh, hey there! I love seeing Flickr peeps over here. :) At least we were expecting our tax news, but it doesn't make it any more fun.

    Seriously, the cutting off of the tight part of a skirt opens up so many thrifting opportunities! I was thinking how many dowdy, long skirts I see with cute prints. It's pretty exciting!

  3. Love your blog!! just found it...Love the Luigi outfit too!!! The entire outfit I love!!! is my blog check it out if you get a chance.

  4. late to the party, but wtf? people are crazy. and when you're with your kids their crazy making behavior makes you feel the edge of loco too. seriously, that is fucking nuts. i'd beat you up if it weren't for that baby. at least she has a line, i guess.

    and you do look super cute! i love that watermelon color on you and the husband-baiting shoes. love the skirt! go crafty mama.