Monday, August 9, 2010

Two things, tangentially related

Marc Jacobs is developing a plus-size line!!!!

Also, I am on a shopping embargo, so will be launching a challenge soon wherein I have to wear everything in my closet before repeating stuff, followed by the ten items or less (really it should be fewer, I think) challenge. This should distract me from shopping for a while and then I can save up for a single piece from MJ's line. Heh.

Stay tuned; as soon as I finish unpacking all my clothes in my new space, I will be up and running again. I may also do a little post on my new neighborhood and all the cool shopping there is nearby...oops, that's probably a bad idea, come to think of it. :p

1 comment:

  1. EXCITING, MJ, exciting! I love Marc Jacobs. And I kind of want to marry him.

    Excited for challenge photos and descriptions! I'm going through my closet now and realizing, not surprisingly, but with some degree of horror, that I have a Lot of stuff. Just dug out my unfinished sewing project from the class we took in '05. Maybe this is the year it gets finished! I am seriously thinking that I might try to teach myself to sew in the next weeks/months. We'll see how that goes. First I have to find the manual for my machine, so I can figure out how to turn it on. Heh.

    Would love to hear/see more about the neighborhood :)